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The mobile ecosystem is expanding at lightning speed, with endless innovation and new applications of mobile technology.

From contactless payments and augmented reality to embedded devices and connected cities — mobile technology is changing the landscape.

Our Mission

We increase business efficiency of our customers through innovation, business processes optimisation and automatisation with the help of cutting edge information technology solutions.

Our Vision

ITBS is a growth oriented company. In the future it is a large IT corporation, which main field of activity is complex research projects. Highly competent and qualified team is dealing with transferring complex scientific algorithms into software. Our main fields of activity are biotechnology, medicine, artificial intelligence and data security.

Our Values

  • Innovation and efficiency is a cornerstone for every single solution we are offering.
  • Passion is the engine of our team letting us to move only forward.
  • Growth in quality and value we offer our customers through constant development of our team expertise and knowledge.

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Our talented and enthusiastic team members are driven by a desire to deliver the most efficient cutting-edge software and hardware solutions.

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Driving Style Detection

MyDriveStyle is cloud based software using data mining and machine learning algorithms to analyse a driving behaviour.

3D Augmented Reality Football Live Play Viewer

This is a project where Augmented reality and Soccer meet. This is still on R&D phase, but very promising technology, which allows seeing Soccer Games in 4D (four dimensions). Outstanding Experience and Fun Guaranteed!

Computer Vision

Through many experiments in our Computer Vision Lab we finally got the know-how of how to detect and recognise different kinds of Biotech Laboratory samples and even provide a set methods and rules for converting recognized images or video into a diagnosis.

Cloud Computing & Parallel Computing

We have developed a method to rework existing algorithms in order to execute them on a computing cloud. The whole development cycle is covered: analyse, build, test, deploy and support on the cluster.

Touch screen solutions

UX-UI experience has given us an opportunity to research and develop touch screen solutions and software based on different platforms and frameworks.

UI-UX solutions

Since we have had 3 versions of our own CMS systems over the last 5 years, we have made a quite comprehensive analysis of how our customers and their visitors use web solutions in general. Based on experience and a small amount of research, we provide web user interfaces.

You can see example.

e-Fitting room

e-Fitting room is an innovative fitting room, which enables users to capture pictures and video of the fitted clothes, view and compare photos in the fitting room and share them using e-mail, SMS, Social Networks, etc. for later viewing or asking family's or friends's advice. This technology helps the shop's customer to make the most satisfying buying decision, which undoubtedly increases the probability that the customer will return. e-Fitting Room is a profitable investment for advertising purposes - new customers come to try an innovative fitting room, people talk about new possibilities and share photos to social networks, which gives a possibility to thousands of people to see the clothes selection available at the shop.

You can see video demonstration.

Self Learning Robotics

In the last 12 months of R&D we have developed a Self Learning Robotics platform and several Biotech Laboratory processing robots based on this platform.

Robots Prototyping

We have developed our in-house methodology for rapid prototyping of robots using CNC, 3D printer and rapid hardware & software platform.

Next Generation Smart House

We are doing R&D on a New Generation Smart House System, which does not need any sensors or wiring. It is extremely easy to integrate, maintain and update, moreover it will be cheaper 5-10 times than any existing Smart House System. The business model behind it will be laas and SaaS. In order to add or remove modules and services from it only few mouse clicks are needed. Functionality will include: lightening and gadget control, kids control, elderly people control, intrusion detection, energy control, etc.

Data Mining & Machine Learning Methodology

We have developed an in-house methodology of the data quick test using existing Machine Learning algorithms and apply the best one to the solution. We also have developed a set of metrics to measure the quality of prediction. In more complicated cases we use voting models to provide even better performance.

Information extraction

A practical and lightweight information extraction algorithm developed in PHP+MySQL, which can be laborated in real life business scenarios. The algorithm was published in Publisher: BCS (The British Computer Society), Presented: FDIA 2007 Topic: Advanced Information Retrieval from Web Pages in Proceedings of Symposium Future Directions in Information Access 2007, Pages: 82-87.

You can see the presentation.

Legislative acts indexing

Imagine you have the national law of a country held just in plain text without any links, etc. - how would you index and find the relations between chapters, paragraphs, etc. of different laws? We have the answer. Using the natural language processing and patterns we have created an indexing engine suitable for any type of source. Please have a look at the case study on Estonian Law of obligation: Subsequently, if the legislature changes some laws, it will be possible to track what else is affected by this change ACM (Association for Computer Machinery, USA) - Topic: Visualization and structure analysis of legislative acts: a case study on the law of obligations -