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The mobile ecosystem is expanding at lightning speed, with endless innovation and new applications of mobile technology.

From contactless payments and augmented reality to embedded devices and connected cities — mobile technology is changing the landscape.

Our Mission

We increase business efficiency of our customers through innovation, business processes optimisation and automatisation with the help of cutting edge information technology solutions.

Our Vision

ITBS is a growth oriented company. In the future it is a large IT corporation, which main field of activity is complex research projects. Highly competent and qualified team is dealing with transferring complex scientific algorithms into software. Our main fields of activity are biotechnology, medicine, artificial intelligence and data security.

Our Values

  • Innovation and efficiency is a cornerstone for every single solution we are offering.
  • Passion is the engine of our team letting us to move only forward.
  • Growth in quality and value we offer our customers through constant development of our team expertise and knowledge.

Join Our Success

We believe that our employees make us number one. Join our team and contribute to our continued success.


Our talented and enthusiastic team members are driven by a desire to deliver the most efficient cutting-edge software and hardware solutions.

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Health Assistant

eHealth Assistant is an innovative tele-health device designed for people who need high-level medical services to stay all-the-time healthy without spending much time in medical institutions. The product simplifies a medical consultation and further supervision both for patients and doctors. Furthermore it increases safe feeling and allows a patient to get an instant feedback from doctor just being at home or at work. eHealth Assistant is a pad-like device, with 7" or 10" touch screen, camera, Internet connection and SkypeKit enabled software which allows a patient to contact a doctor in a highly efficient way using voice or video call. User friendly interface enables a patient to see prescriptions, doctor comments and recommendations. eHealth Assistant could be connected to a medical institution database and insurance company claim management system to store and retrieve data.

Electronic Cash

Easy payment system based on near field communication (NFC). NFC is made for customers who value their time and convenience. The payment is made through radio communication by touching the merchant device with a tag or bringing them into close proximity, usually no more than few centimetres. Product benefits and differentiates the customer and also the company who can grow competitive advantage through the system.


MyDriveStyle is cloud software using data mining and machine learning algorithms to analyse a driving behaviour.

Kiosk and Touch Screen applications

We have a framework developed in-house to create unique UI-UX interfaces. These interfaces could be used for mobile, pad, any other touch applications, web, etc.

Complex Web applications

We have a readymade platform for a development of Web portals, Web shops, Social networks, Online EXPOs, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), ERP (Enterprice Resource Planning) System, Document Management Systems, Project Management system, Content Management systems, etc.

Web Shop with Direct Vendors Integration

We have different out of the box solutions for web shops, starting from 10-15 products with manual management up to 100 000 and more products shops with automatic business rule based pricing, product comparison, etc. Data could be gathered from different vendors in XML, XLS, CSV, HTML, and other formats.

Universal Information Extraction and Data Analysis Engine

We can extract terabytes of information from the source of your choice (databases, web pages, files, video, still image, etc.) using our extraction engine and/or Hadoop data extraction applications.

Traffic analyser for supermarkets

Customer's traffic analyser is an innovative monitoring system for Supermarkets. By creating better customer environment retailers can save money and time by improving product placement throughout a store. The combination of video equipment and video intelligence analytics will provide retailers a system where they can improve the placement of products in store. Our product gives instant access to reports that show how much attention customers are paying to a particular shelf or products, what attract them the most and what does not attract them at all.


CyberLeg is an innovative artificial leg for disabled people with fully or partly amputated leg who wants to live an ordinary live with day-to-day activities without feeling themselves disabled. The product enables disabled people to operate an artificial leg with their brain. CyberLeg is controlled by a human brain and has both pre-set behavioural patterns and machine learning algorithms to learn behaviour from healthy leg.

Unique Content Generator

Helps to create synthetic, but readable, understandable, grammatically correct texts based on provided keywords.

Weather Prediction Engine

Predicts weather in certain regions using weather stations data, cloud technologies, fast Data Mining and Machine learning algorithms.

Cargo Trains Turnover Prediction Engine

The solution helps to predict turnovers of cargo trains and understand real movements of vehicles, turnover, profitable directions, etc.

Content Management Software

We have a lot of experience in bespoke software development based on Open source solutions, like Wordpress, Dolphin, OpenBravo, OpenERP, Joomla, etc.

Production Defect Management Software

For mechatronics, mechanical engineering and automation engineering we have a special out of the box product which helps to overcome problems related to creation of large parties of some product assembly. It is possible to track time, forward tasks to analytics and other people connected to the process when something goes wrong on the electronics production line.

Marine Safety Systems

We have developed several marine security systems, in order to control ship movements, security and alert notifications, etc.