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The mobile ecosystem is expanding at lightning speed, with endless innovation and new applications of mobile technology.

From contactless payments and augmented reality to embedded devices and connected cities — mobile technology is changing the landscape.

Our Mission

We increase business efficiency of our customers through innovation, business processes optimisation and automatisation with the help of cutting edge information technology solutions.

Our Vision

ITBS is a growth oriented company. In the future it is a large IT corporation, which main field of activity is complex research projects. Highly competent and qualified team is dealing with transferring complex scientific algorithms into software. Our main fields of activity are biotechnology, medicine, artificial intelligence and data security.

Our Values

  • Innovation and efficiency is a cornerstone for every single solution we are offering.
  • Passion is the engine of our team letting us to move only forward.
  • Growth in quality and value we offer our customers through constant development of our team expertise and knowledge.

Join Our Success

We believe that our employees make us number one. Join our team and contribute to our continued success.


Our talented and enthusiastic team members are driven by a desire to deliver the most efficient cutting-edge software and hardware solutions.

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Business Analysis

According to Chaos report 2010, 90% of IT projects fail due to insufficient requirements and lack of a Business Analyst's role. During Business analysis we will discover your AS-IS business processes, create a desired TO-BE business process and find the correct solution for you. We use PMBOK and other bodies and standards in business analysis. Our main areas are banking, insurance, manufacture and production.

Conceptual Analysis and Design

We produce high quality information system analysis and design, covering all aspects of the information system analysis: domain diagrams, activity diagrams, collaboration diagrams, operational agreements, use cases, database diagrams, adapt model for Oracle, Postgres, MSSQL, etc.

Database design

We have a lot of experience in a databases development, using modelling patterns and the latest modelling trends. We use views, triggers, stored procedures, indexes, etc. We can design Native XML or Object Oriented database structure. We work with Oracle, Postgres, MSSQL, MySQL, Hadoop Pig.

Information Extraction and Data Analysis

We can extract terabytes of information from a source of your choice (databases, web pages, files, video, still image, etc.) using our extraction engine and/or Hadoop data extraction applications.

Information Prediction

Using the latest Data Mining and Machine Learning algorithms, we can create tools and reports to make a prediction on a historical data of transport movements, weather changes, finance trends, etc.

Knowledge Discovery and Business Intelligence

Should you have any kind of operational data from your Business Processes and you would like to get some knowledge out of it? We have a set of tools to accomplish that.

Computer Vision Applications

As we have in-house developed methodology for Computer Vision, we can produce practical solutions in the areas of Biotech, Space, Military, etc.

Rapid Prototyping of Robots

As we have developed our in-house methodology for a rapid prototyping of robots using CNC, 3D printer in our Lab, we provide Rapid Prototyping of Robots as a Service.

Cloud computing development

We can redesign and refactor your algorithm, system, etc. in order to execute it in the Cloud (Amazon, IBM, your own cluster, etc).

Quality Assurance

Our experienced Quality Assurance team can audit project management, development, test and deployment deliverables quickly and efficiently. As we are an R&D enterprise we have a deep understanding of the majority of technology development processes.

Project Management

We have experienced project managers in our team, who use PMBOK, Agile (SCRUM), and other methodologies and best practices. Some of them have been working several years in accordance with Accenture Methodology.

Bespoke Software Development

We can develop software according your specification. As an innovative company, we can turbo charge your business with our innovative solutions. We always use the most innovative and up-to-date technologies to solve even most trivial problems.

Infrastructure and maintenance

We can maintain: Linux servers, Oracle and Postgres servers; configure: an open source system servers, SSH, VPN, LAMP, JBoss, web sockets, web services. Also we deal with Nagios setup and maintenance, computer clusters on Apache Hadoop, HDFS and others.

Cloud Performance & Availability Tracking

We have a deep knowledge in cloud and distributed multiserver technologies, we can setup a Cloud Performance & Availability Tracking systems to keep you updated about your technical infrastructure landscape.